Name of Experiment


Material required

1. Soap Experiment

Wash the confusion away

Why are we advised to clean our hands for 20 seconds?Why cleaning with soap is important?
How does soap actually work?

This hands on activity will impress upon the kids the importance of hand hygiene

Milk, Food Colour, Handwash, Earbud, Oil, A plate or flat bowl

2. Tornado

Tornado In A Bottle

Dust devils, tornado, waterspouts, hurricanes and the kitchen sink. Spot the odd one out?

Well, kitchen sink seems odd, doesn’t it. We will show your kids how all these are related.

2 transparent bottles with cap (1-2 litres) Mustard Oil Dishwashing Liquid Water(2-3 Litres) Something to punch a hole in the cap/ a cap from sanitiser or shampoo bottle that already has a hole

3. Does it mix?

Fireworks In A Jar

Let your child get mesmerised by slow moving orbs of color in a mixture of oil and water.

There are no unnecessary bangs or smoke just a serene display of colors in a jar.

1 Transparent glass Food Colour (powder/ liquid any) Mustard Oil (half cup) Water (half litre)

4. Hot & Cold water Experiment 

Water on Water, What?

What is the difference between hot water and cold water?

Which one is lighter?

1 Big Transparent Jar/bowl/jug, 1 Small Transparent Jar/bowl, Hot water(half litre), Cold(chilled), water (1-2 litre) Food colour / Ink / Water colour,

Thick string to tie around the small container (optional)

5. Volcano

Hey Moana? Have you ever seen a volcano?

The Earth is a fire breathing ball of stone. This activity is a window to its core and a fun excercise for your child.

1 Small plastic bottle(250-300ml) Cardboard box Scotch Tape & Scissors Vinegar & Baking Soda Pencil, Compass, Scale, Paper Food Colour / Ink/ Water colour

6. Sink and Float

Row, Row, Row Your Boat, who will sink and who will float?

How Air effects the sink & float property of ping pong ball?

PingPong ball, a Big transparent jar/jug, 2 plastic glasses, one with hole one without hole

7. Density for little kids

Liquid Tower of Fun

You can stack solids atop eachother but can you stack liquids in a similar manner?

In this activity kids will learn about density and practise the same by stacking liquids one upon the other.

Honey, Sugar Syrup,

Dishsoap, Water, Oil.

8. Strength of materials

Strongest of them all: circle, trinagle or a square?

Why pillars are shaped as a rectangle or cylinder?

Kids will make different shapes from the same kind of paper and put weight on them, see which one can hold how much weight

Papers, Scale, Cello Tape, Pencil, Notebooks for weight

  • Teacher Comments
  • Parent Comments
  • Kids Comments
Teacher Comments

A classroom setup is not the perfect platform for Hands on Science and I am very happy that SciPie Club has taken this initiative of teaching science with a hands on approach.

Parent Comments

I am so happy that someone is doing all the science related experiments which are only available on websites and on Youtube. I really enjoyed the parents and kids science workshop organised by SciPie Club. Looking forward to regular courses for my kid. – Mohit Singha

Kids Comments

I love science but there was no way to practice the experiments. At SciPie Club I really enjoy the practical applications of concepts I learn in class. – Abhijeet Sharma (Class 6th Student).

Had a great session ! Looking forward for more fun with science.

Meenakshi Bhola

Mom of Two, New Delhi

I really look forward to more sessions by SciPie Club a I enjoyed the workshop as much as my kid.

Gaurav Singh

Engineer, New Delhi