SciPie Club

We believe – “We learn better when we do things”. Hence we came up with the idea of SciPie club where the young generation can learn and at the same time implement or experience it, to understand the concept behind how stuff works. At SciPie Club your kids can learn interesting science and technology by experimenting and practical applications.


Science & Experiments

As parents, we have all heard the words “I’m bored” from our kids too often to count. Our goal is to help you come up with a response to that cry by introducing your kids to learn science in a practical setting. Hands on experiments under the guidance of trained experts.


Our Courses & Programs

Little Einsteins

A weekend program where we provide a creative learning space in a school near you where kids can explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) with fun, hands-on activities and experiments.

future geniuses

A quarterly course where we provide a creative learning space in a school near you where hands-on activities and experiments are the norm of teaching advanced science to your kids, with a clear focus on learning

Vacation Fun

Carefully crafted workshops and summer and winter camps to engage your kids in the wonderful world of science. The content is designed to instill an interest in science and technology in the young.

In House lab materials

Professionally managed

Personalised Mentoring

Hands On Curriculum


What do they say about us?

  • Teacher Comments
  • Parent Comments
  • Kids Comments
Teacher Comments

A classroom setup is not the perfect platform for Hands on Science and I am very happy that SciPie Club has taken this initiative of teaching science with a hands on approach.

Parent Comments

I am so happy that someone is doing all the science related experiments which are only available on websites and on Youtube. I really enjoyed the parents and kids science workshop organised by SciPie Club. Looking forward to regular courses for my kid. – Mohit Singha

Kids Comments

I love science but there was no way to practice the experiments. At SciPie Club I really enjoy the practical applications of concepts I learn in class. – Abhijeet Sharma (Class 6th Student).

Had a great session ! Looking forward for more fun with science.

Meenakshi Bhola

Mom of Two, New Delhi

I really look forward to more sessions by SciPie Club a I enjoyed the workshop as much as my kid.

Gaurav Singh

Engineer, New Delhi